Aaron P

Hero: Jay-z

Endurance, perseverance, and curium are attributes that Jay-z portrays in his everyday life as a hero. Heroes are important because they encourage the average individual to be greater than what they could ever imagine. Jay-z demonstrates to people that it is possible to have everything you want in life rather it’s money, fame, or fortune. Some people like to say “Anything is possible if you just believe” Jay-z proves to everyone that that statement is true. Jay-z constantly gives back to the society with his charity the “Shawn Carter Foundation” which is changing lives everywhere. Jay-z personality screams heroic because of his strong willing and caring traits.

Jay-z also known as Shawn carter was born December 4, 1969 in NY (New York). Jay-z is the husband of the singer Beyoncé Knowles and the two are proud parents of Blue Ivy Carter. Jay-z is determined to be a good father to his only child because he knows what it is like to not have a father in the picture. Jay-z was brought up without a father figure around forcing him into manhood blindfolded and leaving him and his mother poor. Jay-z say that “The burden of poverty isn’t just that you don’t always have the things you need, it’s the feeling of being embarrassed everyday of your life, and you would do anything to lift that burden” and that’s exactly what Jay-z did he lifted that burden. Being poor and not having a father figure didn’t hold him back he maintained his high school education but it wasn’t too long before he was exposed to rapping. Exposure to the rap industry didn’t come easy to Jay-z because he was constantly overworked trying to maintain his independent career. After hard work and dedication Jay-z joined a group by the name of “Original Flavor” which would be a step closer to his destiny of being a world known rapper. After two years Jay-z split with Original Flavor he went on to be one of the greatest solo artist’s worlds renowned. After Jay-z voice was heard nothing would hold him back from success any longer. Jay-z began doing collaborations with artist that were toping the build bored charts which drastically boosted his career. Today he is able to look back at his past and smile because today Jay-z has sold millions of singles as well as albums and as he says “The average rap life is two or three albums your lucky to get your second album in rap” In other words Jay-z is slaughtering the rap industry.

Jay-z was one of many people that dreamed of making it big in the rap industry, but he was only one in a few that made it. Jay-z was limited to an education after high school which influenced him to start the “Shawn Carter Foundation”. With this charity Jay-z has made college possible for young adults that couldn’t afford it. Jay-z has positively impacted society by giving back to the less fortunate. Not only is he helping people, he is changing lives. He is making dreams possible and giving people the opportunity to reach the stars. Since the charity started in 2003 Jay-z has provided over 750 scholarships to students.

Jay-z has an uplifting personality that most people in his higher position lack in. He’s has compassion, patients, ambitions, and much more. Jay-z is constantly giving to people and encouraging people to be who they are. He demonstrates loyalists to his fans by not forgetting about where he came from. Often once people make it to the life of fame they forget about how they became who they were, they forget the people that are struggling just like they were before the fame and luxuries. Jay-z lives in the present but he doesn’t forget his past. That is one of the many things that contribute to shaping Jay-z as a rapper as well as a person. If not for his challenging upbringing Jay-z would not have become the charismatic individual he is today. He demonstrates a perfect example of what a noble person should look like. The “Shawn Carter foundation” is proof that Jay-z is a kind, noble, compassionate and ambitious man. If Jay-z weren’t any of those things he wouldn’t have taken the time out of his busy life to try to help someone he doesn’t even know go to college. Also he wouldn’t have taken millions of dollars out of his own hard earned money to pay for the education of people he never even laid eyes on. “The Shawn Carter Foundation” isn’t just a scholarship to people it is a second chance at life. A second chance to have a valuable education that can lead to success. Education is the key to success and Jay-z is putting that key in so many people’s hands. It takes a real compassionate person to do the things that Jay-z is doing for this society. Jay-z is the true definition of a hero in the eyes of various amounts of people young and old around the world.

Jay-z is a strong willed and compassionate rapper as well as a person. He struggled as a teenager to overcome his challenges growing up but at the end of the day he did what he had to do to reach success. After becoming a huge success Jay-z decided to help the society on their journey to success. When the less fortunate couldn’t afford college he made it possible. He rose to the occasion when the youth were in need of a Hero. Jay-z has accomplished his goal of helping the society better their education. Jay-z is giving the youth a mentor and a hero to look up to. Jay-z personality screams heroic because of his strong willing and caring traits. He is a fine example to children that someone doesn’t need spandex and a cape to be a hero. Jay-z is giving the term “Hero” a whole new definition and changing the world for people like you and me.

4 thoughts on “AaronP

  1. Aaron, by alphabetical default I have examined yours first! I want to allow other students to critique but I will start with two areas. First, great choice for a hero! Good job using an authoritative third person voice! Secondly, it looks like you put the thesis in the first sentence. Do not start the essay with a strong stance. Stick to a sentence that engages the reader about heroes in general. Perhaps a question. There you go! My two observations to start the ball rolling. Thanks for sharing your draft!

  2. First off i decided to critique your essay because I love Jay Z. You used great words in your essay to start it off and I like how you said that he is strong willing and caring. Great essay but your thesis sentence looks like its to strong for the reader at the beginning.

    • Hi Antoinette: Thanks for your first post! I agree Jay Z makes for a good hero choice. Oops, do not repeat what another previous critique covered as in my review of the thesis. Examine the critique outline in class and then look at other areas of the essay such as voice, the historical perspective, how the hero essay author defend the thesis. I hope that helps?

  3. i love rap music so ill definitely critique this. first off your first sentence should be your thesis, since it describes his traits. You did a good job describing his early life and accomplishments throughout his career. There were a couple sentences that were a little off though, such as: ” Often once people make it to the life of fame they forget about how they became who they were”. I get what you are trying to say, but you may want to word it a little different to better understand. Other than that, it was a nice read and you tied everything well with your conclusion.

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