Antoinette S

Antoinette S

Hero: Dr. Martin Luther King

Hero Essay-Martin Luther King Jr.

Antoinette S.

Heroes are people that we all look up to and admire for doing a lot for people and serving our country. Heroes are important because they save lives, protect and serve. Heroes are very important because they go above and beyond for people and our country. Two personality traits I have for Martin Luther King Jr. are Leadership and Bravery.

Martin Luther King Jr.

My hero is Martin Luther King Jr. and he was born on January 15, 1929. He attended segregated public schools in Georgia and graduated at the age of fifteen. Martin Luther King got his B.A. degree in 1948 from Morehouse College. He enrolled in graduate studies at Boston University and got his Doctorate in 1953 and receives the degree in 1955. Martin Luther King was the second oldest of three children. He became pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Martin Luther King organized and led marches for black’s right to vote, desegregation, and civil rights.

The most prominent impact that Martin Luther King Jr. has made on society is that he change the world for a lot people. He stood up for what is right and he cleared up racism between different races. He got the law passed where blacks can vote and had a lot of civil rights approved. Martin Luther King fought for freedom. He is a role model because he believed in his dream and made it come true. He did help people get jobs in America and fought for our freedom. He gave hope to all people but mainly African Americans.

Martin Luther King Jr. personality was “persistence, bravery, leadership, patience, trustworthiness.” I say he was persistence because no matter what was going on he would not stop fighting. When the world wasn’t on his side he didn’t care. I say bravery because he was very brave to stand up to so many people and make his dream known.

I say leadership because he was leader for people and he stood up and made all the decisions during the fight. I say patience because he was very patient throughout all of this and it took multiple times for his dream to come true. Last trustworthiness and I say this because those who followed and believed in Martin Luther King trusted him. They were confident that he was going to put a stop to everything and that the dream will come true.

Martin Luther King Jr. personality traits ties to his societal contribution because his whole personality changed the way that the world is today. He being the way he was made dreams come true within the society and world. All of King Contributions paid off in the end.

So Martin Luther King Jr. was a hero for many things including his personality. His braveness, leadership, persistence, patience, and trustworthiness all played a role in this. His accomplishments was to make his dream come true and make the world better for people, he did exactly that.


2 thoughts on “Antoinette S

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. is a wonderful hero! You did a great job mentioning all the main things he did to change the world how it is today. Your Thesis is in the correct spot but you should consider making it stronger. Also, you should not be using the word “I”. Your essay should be in third person perspective. There were a few grammar mistakes that should be changed but I didn’t notice to many. Try reading it to yourself and make sure everything sounds right to you. Don’t forget to add your two quotes. Great job on your essay over all!

    • You really give great advice and really help people make a stronger paper. I did find a few of the same mistakes as well. Your critiques are right on point.

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