Ayyaz S

Ayyaz S

Hero: Michael Jordan

Who are the real heroes of society and what do they contribute to us? Heroes are very important to people because heroes give them hope, a role model, the sense of protection, and sometimes someone to look up to. Heroes can often be someone as a mentor or inspiration to someone else’s success. Heroes are what drive people to get up every morning and to give it their absolute best at everything so they could have a sense that they too are making a difference in society. To me, Michael Jordan has made the greatest impact in the sport of basketball by revolutionizing the game and opening the doors for future generations of athletes to come.

Michael Jeffery Jordan was born on February 17th, 1963. Before joining the NBA, Jordan attended the University of North Carolina for 3 seasons and won a national championship in 1982. He joined the Chicago Bulls in 1984 to start his prolific career, and quickly became a league star. He entertained crowds by his ability to score, leaping ability which gave him nicknames such as “Air Jordan” and “His Airness”. Jordan won his first NBA championship with Bulls in 1991, and won the next two years, securing a three peat. Jordan wanted to try Baseball so he retired from the NBA after the 1993 season, but rejoined the Bulls in 1995, leading them to an additional 3 championships. Not only did he revolutionize the game, Jordan became a global icon by marketing shoes, clothes, and making the game more popular around the world.

Michael Jordan’s greatest impact was how he changed the game for future athletes, not just in the NBA, but all sports. Jordan signed a deal with Nike in 1985 to market their shoes and came up with sneakers called “Air Jordan”. In the beginning, the NBA banned the shoes but Jordan continued to wear them. Today, Nike and Michael Jordan have come out with 26 pairs of shoes, and that opened doors for future athletes to step in. Due to his overwhelming popularity, his sneakers became the next biggest trend. Today, athletes now have their own shoe line with contracts with big companies such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armor, etc. they appear in commercials all over T.V, and since the NBA is as popular as ever before, athletes are benefiting a lot from it. Michael Jordan has opened doors for all types of athletes in every type of sport, and another thing he has done is give us hope and a dream. Before all the money and the fame, Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. That failure didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams; he worked hard every day to perfect his craft and always wanted to get better than he already was. The way he played the game influenced some of the greatest basketball players today such as Kobe Bryant. Bryant has a similar game to Jordan, the way he scores, uses his body and leaping ability to his advantage, and his moves around the rim. Jordan himself said: “I don’t think I’d lose other than Kobe Bryant because he steals all my moves” (Mark Medina, October 2013).

Michael Jordan’s personality was being humble like many athletes and his actions spoke louder than his words. Jordan wasn’t an arrogant or cocky individual even though he was possibly the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Jordan let his game do most of the talking, and it didn’t disappoint. He was as aggressive as ever on the basketball court, finding anyway to win for his team. He will always be remembered as a winner. Jordan made a film called “Space Jam” featuring the cartoon characters from a kids show called the Looney Tunes. The movie was a big hit and he got more support from children since cartoon characters were in it. His role in the movie described himself, someone with the drive to win no matter the circumstances. Jordan became a great role models for kids as well as athletes all over the world.

Michael Jordan will always be remembered as the greatest basketball player to ever play the sport. He made the game more fun to watch with his flashy dunks and scoring ways. He became a teacher to all the future student athletes who wanted to succeed and win. As a African American athlete, he opened the doors for future athletes that would’ve never been open if it wasn’t for the things that he has done over the years. The Air Jordan’s are still one of the most popular shoes out today, even though Michael retired 16 years ago. He made such a big impact on the sport and it is more popular than it has even been, thanks to “ His Airness”.

3 thoughts on “Ayyaz S

  1. I randomly chose your essay but i am glad i did because i love MJ. First thing is in your thesis, you did not use 2 personality traits of Michael Jordan. there is mis-use of grammar and spelling through out the paper, such as third paragraph, fifth sentence “since the NBA is as popular as ever before”. You have a couple run-on sentences as well. You did not re-state your thesis. I like how you were very informative on Michael’s history and background. You gave very good insight in to his life and legacy.

  2. Good insight into thesis aaronpatricko6o9. If you are able to edit your response, however, please do stay away from lower case “I” when referring to yourself. The lower case “I” is widely used in texting, but not for business or school purposes 🙂 I applaud your effort for honing in the thesis!

  3. this essay was the one i got to critique in class. in your thesis you are not showing any personal contribution, u didn’t mention any variables. as for the info in the body, it was informative, lot of info about Jordan n all the changes he brought to the basketball league. as for the conclusion u were not able to tie all the info together, n u didnt mention your resources.

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