Welcome to your WordPress class blog site!  This site will allow us to collaborate on the Hero Essay as well as other writing projects. By sharing drafts and commenting on them with details about the thesis, thesis variables, the subject background, defense of thesis variables, citations, and summary, we can then improve the final version. This way we can examine more essays and see how others think they may be improved. We can do this much faster online and have a record of our accomplishments. The essays are arranged by student first names. So be sure to find the available essays along with the alphabetical menu bar. Or simply peruse through those that capture your attention.

Quick Critique Requirements:

  1. Apply the practice critique you did in class by retyping the most significant helpful tips in the reply section below that student’s essay.
  2. Pick another student essay to critique as rigorously by following the outline provided in class.
  3. Your initial response should be due by the start of class Thursday.
  4. Your replies to the quality of critiques are due the following Sunday.
  5. As a hero essay author, do not respond back to anyone’s critique or comments below your essay. We do not need to know why you wrote something the way you did. We only need to examine the requirements of the hero draft outline and critique outline in-depth.
  6. If you click on a student name and no essay is found that means no essay was posted to the Blackboard assignment link.
  7. All posts are screened. But I will release them several times a day. So check back often to see your work and additional student comments.
  8. If you have a question on the process email me directly at erik.bean@baker.edu PS: If you click the “Follow” button in the lower right corner, you will received updates every time a student comments.

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