Dontay J

Dontay J

Hero: Steve Jobs

The idea of a hero is not a new concept. For centuries heroes have been depicted as having superhuman strength or abilities that the average man can’t possibly possess.  In Greek mythology there was Hercules. Today we have Superman. Most heroes that we hear about are fictional but in reality there is a more realistic, non-fictional, version of a hero. People who we look up to every day for inspiration, encouragement, or moral guidance can be considered heroes. Heroes are important in our society because they give us a since of hope and they give us something to aspire to. A good hero should be a leader, a problem solver, courageous and an inspiration to their community.

Steven Paul Jobs was born February 24, 1955 and passed away on October 5, 2011. Steve Jobs was an inventor, an entrepreneur, a sales man, and most importantly a futurist.  Steve started his work as a technician at the legendary video game company Atari. While at Atari Jobs was assigned to project that he soon realized that he would not be able to accomplish on his own this lead to Jobs seeking help from an old high school friend Steve Wozniak.  After completing the project Jobs left Atari and formed Apple Computers with Wozniak. Apple computers started out as a small company that operated out of Steve’s parents garage and blossomed into a multi-billion dollar company with more than 80,000 full-time employees. Slivka, E. (2013) Today Apple products are incorporated into our lives like never before iPads are used by everyone from Doctors, using them to have easy access to patient records, to toddlers, using them to learn about basic shapes and numbers.

Steve Jobs has contributed many things to our society but the most prominent impact that he had was that he developed a way to make the Internet and personal computing easy to use for everyday citizens. Before Steve Jobs co-founded Apple computers where only used by business professionals and technology geeks. In the 1970s the idea of a personal computer was far fetched but now thanks to Steve Jobs the idea of not having a personal computer is far fetched. The rise of the personal computer has changed how we live and has opened a countless amount of doors. People are able to communicate like never before thanks to Steve Jobs initial dream of a user- friendly computer that became a reality. Steve Jobs accomplished many things and became a modern day hero to many in his lifetime.

Along with Steve’s work as a visionary in the world of computers he can also be considered heroic for his work as a philanthropist personally and in conjunction with Apple.  The International Business Times reported that Jobs had donated $50 million from his own pocket to hospitals in California, helping build a children’s medical center and a new main building. Samson, F (2013) Jobs also kept in mind Apple’s impact on the world. In 2006 Apple joined Product Red and pledged to donate a percentage of their profits to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Since joining Apple has donated millions to the cause and according to the founder of Product Red has been the company’s largest contributor. Hewson, P. (2011) Apple is also an environmentally conscious company. Apple’s data centers are ran completely on renewable resources and the company keeps a track of their carbon footprint and the results are publicly available on their website.

Many of Steve Jobs personality traits were the same of any other hero. Steve was leader, a problem solver, and an inspiration. Steve showed his leadership skills by being one of the first people to develop and market a piece of technology that was foreign to general public; He solved problems on a global scale with his work in philanthropy and He inspired a generation to get involved in technology.

Steve Jobs only live to be 56 years old but in his short time of life he changed the world so drastically that he will forever be remembered. Steve Jobs envisioned a world where everyone would be using a personal computer and after years of dedication and persistence he seen his dream come true while at the same time being a hero to countless people around the world.

4 thoughts on “Dontay J

  1. I chose to critique your essay because I love Steve Jobs! First of all, i liked that you brought to attention that heroes can be real people too, not just non-fictional characters. Secondly, your thesis is great, it identifies the characteristics that you chose to identify your hero as. Thirdly, you wrote a lot about what Steve Jobs has accomplished, and made me understand why he is a hero. Finally, you tied the characteristics to what the hero has done, very well. Also, make sure you restate your thesis in your conclusion. I really enjoyed reading your essay (:

    • Very good job on critiquing Dontay’s essay but you should also mention there were a few grammar mistakes. Maybe add a few comma’s and I noticed one where it shouldn’t have been. Also, on your second to last paragraph you capitalized he in the last sentence and it shouldn’t be. I also think the last two paragraphs should either be some how combined or even switch places. It just doesn’t sound right to me.

  2. I think you did a great job with how you wrote this essay, plus great format. You have a very informative thesis, It gave me a great example of what a hero should be.You were very informative on Steve Job’s history and background. there were a couple grammar mistakes.You really brought this paper to life and i loved reading it.

  3. Great information about Steve Jobs!! Just don’t forget to state your heroes name and x and y variable in the last sentence for the thesis in the first paragraph. Other than that I believe you have a good essay, like I stated I learned a lot about him that I didn’t already know.

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