Kimberly W

Kimberly W

Hero: Aaron Paul

Is a hero a classical mythology or a genuine citizen?  Many people think of heroes with superpowers and capes, when in fact, the person next to you could be a hero. A hero consists of a simple act of helping the elderly cross the street, to our military troops fighting over seas.  No one would be lending out a helping hand and there would be no spontaneous acts of heroism.  Without every day heroes our lives would be chaotic.  Aaron Paul is one of these joyous and affectionate people.

On August 27, 1979, Darla and Robert gave birth to their fifth child.  Aaron Paul Strutevant became the youngest of five.   With constantly pronouncing his last name wrong he shortened his name.  His father, Robert, was a Baptist minister so he spent time in church programs and performing in plays.  In Boise, Idaho he attended Centennial High School where he joined the drama club and that’s when he became excited he wanted to become an actor. “His early jobs ranged from a Corn Pops commercial to a Korn music video.”   After high school graduation he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dreams. (The Biography Channel website, 2014)

Aaron Paul has done many things in his career.  From the early years of being in commercials to now starring in movies and television series, he has made a variety of popular appearances.  In Beverly Hills, 901210 (1999), he played Chad in his first television series.  In Mission: Impossible III (2006) with Tom Cruise who played Ethan Hunt, Aaron played a character name Rick.  A more recent movie he has starred in was The Last House on the Left (2009) playing Francis who was a gang member that kidnapped and brutally assaulted two young women.  What he is most known for is a television series called Breaking Bad (2008-2013).  The Breaking Bad series was originally going to be only one season long, but Vince Gilligan, the series creator, had changed his mind after seeing Aaron work.  He loved working with everyone that he is now insisting on being a part of the new spinoff series they are currently working on.  This new series will be about the lawyer on the show, Saul Goodman and they reveal they would like to involve Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.  “He [Aaron] has won two Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series” for this role.” (Kad; jordAngeleno, 2014)

Although he has kept himself busy with his acting career, this does not stop him from being generous.  In September of 2013, Aaron held a charity event.  At Hollywood Forever Cemetery in California, millions of fans attended to watch a special screening for the finale of the Breaking Bad series.  He raised $1.8 million in ticket sales which sold out in minutes. Profits went to an anti-bullying organization, The Kind Campaign. (Dave Simpson, 2013)

Bullying is becoming a very serious problem.  So many kids struggle with bullies every day in school and online. Every year there are over 3.2 million kids who are victims of being bullied.  Not only do teachers intervene at most, four percent of the time, but kids also believe that adult help is ineffective.  Having an organization helps give hope to people who suffer from such unneeded torture.  Aaron Paul making such a lavish gesture is worthy of being a great role model for so many people including the bullies and the bullied. (

However, he may not be providing jobs but, he is bringing hope to many families.  He supports many charities and foundations such as The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Invisible Children.  The Ronan Thompson Foundation is a great organization for kids who are fighting cancer.  As the other charity he supports, Invisible Children, aids sending home Joseph Kony army escapees.

Always having a huge smile, Aaron is such a joyous person.  From spending time with children to just joking around, Aaron loves to make the most of every situation. On Twitter, he suggests to go to Google and search “baby elephant” where you will find a picture of an elephant with his face in the snow.  He will even repeat your favorite line from Breaking Bad just to spread the joy with you.  He once gave a guy his Gatorade because he repeated a phrase from the show referring to the drink.  Spreading his joy from fans to coworkers, he made themed doughnuts for the crew he works with. (Dave Stopera, 2012)

Yes Aaron is joyous, but he is also a very affectionate person.  In May 2013, he got married to Lauren Parsekian.  Sending an email to all his wedding guests, he requests for everyone to learn the words to “Beauty” by the Shivers to surprise his wife.  This admirable gesture brought his wife to tears.  Never being afraid to show his romantic side, he loves to go out of his way for his lovely wife, complimenting her every chance he gets. (Huffington Post, 2014)

With Aaron being so joyous and affectionate, it is no surprise how generous his gesture is for helping out his wife’s charity.  To each and every single person involved in this charity, he is hoping to spread more joy.  Aaron is always giving and caring to others. Including his wife, fans, and everyone in between he wants to share and touch others as he has shared and touched us with such amazing gestures.

Aaron Paul is a fantastic caring person who wishes to spread his energy with the world.  In high school he decided he wanted to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.  He had many small jobs ranging from commercials to music videos.  Not giving up on his dreams he made it to the big screen starring in movies and Emmy Award winning television shows.  He supports many organizations spreading hope and joy to many families who very much need it.  He loves the support of his fans and never minds showing us how much he does.  Not only does he love his fans, but he always reminds us about how much he adores his wife.  There is no question that his joy and affection towards life will live on.


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7 thoughts on “Kimberly W

  1. Kimberly, I really enjoyed reading your essay. Your lead sentence stood out most, and made me want to read more of your essay. I have a newfound respect for Aaron Paul ! My only recommendation’s would be to stay away from the word ” you ” being that it wouldn’t be considered a third-person perspective, also for your personality variables in your thesis you chose the words ” joyous ” and ” affectionate ” and after reading your essay his affection and generosity were most prominent in my mind. Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Kimberly, I really enjoyed reading your essay. Your lead sentence stood out most, and made me want to read more of your essay. I have a new found respect for Arron Paul! My only recommendations would be to stay away from the word “you” being that it wouldn’t be considered a third-person perspective, also for your personality variables you chose the words “joyous” and “affectionate” and after reading your essay his affection and generosity were most prominent in my mind. Thanks for posting 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. Your two traits stood out and also was backed up throughout you paper. I wish I could give you some bad marks but I really feel you did a great job. you can tell you did your research and really knew what you was talking about. Honestly this is the best paper I have read so far. Great job.

  4. I enjoyed your intro a lot it really grabbed my attention. I am also a fan of Aaron Paul so it was nice to read somethings that I didn’t know about him. The one critique I have is to add Arron’s major accomplishment to it. For example “Aaron Paul is one of these joyous and affectionate people who __________”

  5. The introduction to your essay was good it made me want to continue reading, A few grammatical errors. The x and y variables were clearly stated in the thesis. I would assume that you believe Aaron’s campaigns for bullying are his most important contribution to society if so state that.

  6. I enjoyed reading your essay. You can definitely tell you did your research and I learned a lot about Aaron Paul. I would suggest pointing out Aaron’s major accomplishment as well. Other than that your two personality variable stuck out very well. Great paper.

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