Michael K

Michael K

Hero: Calvin Johnson

Have you ever looked at someone and wished you could be like them? Do you ever sit around thinking what if I could be like that person? Do you ever sit down and look in to that person eyes and feel safe, or know that no matter what they will do what’s right for you and everybody else? Every child has a childhood hero, a person that they looked up to. In theory usually it’s a parent, a sports figure, or even an entertainer. The reason for this is kids find themselves trying to be like that person. They model what they want to do after their hero. For a example when a child that want to go to the NFL and become a star my look up to a player like Calvin Johnson. He’s a great player both on and off the field. This paper will show you how one man that many people will not know, fought to rise in the ranks of the military, and gave his life to protect not only his men that fought beside him, but also the rights and freedom we hold so dearly to.

Sgt 1st Class Kristoffer B. Domeij was born October 5th, 1982 in the town of Santa Ana, California. His mother Scoti Domeij raised him to be a strong willed man. This carried over to his military career. After graduating he decided to enter the United States Army at the age of 19. SFC. Domeij completed Basic training, and Fire Support Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This is where SFC. Domeij learned how to call in air support, and learned how to drop ordinance on enemy personal. As the strong willed man that his mother raised SFC. Domij knew there was more to the Army. He decided to enter in to the Basic Airborne Course where he was trained the proper way to exit an airplane at 1,500 feet in the air. SFC. Domij graduated from Airborne School and decided that he wanted even more, so he decided to try his hand and shoot for the stars and enter into Ranger Assessment and selection program at Fort Benning, Georgia. He knew that going and becoming a Ranger would be an honor. This tested his mental toughness that his mother instilled into him. Just like everything else he put his mind to he passed with flying colors.

SFC. Domij early in his excelled at everything he did. Whether it was physical training, marksmen ship, or just leading his men into battle where he always put his men first. The rigors of being in a special operations unit he found a little time to marry his long time love Sarah. SFC. Domij didn’t always know how to separate work to home but Sarah understood. The birth of his children Mikajsa and Aaliyah only made him more protective of his family and men. Through the years and dedication to the unit they would awarded him by allowing him to go to schools to further his training, and career. Every school he attended he would earn high remarks. This type of leadership trickled down to his men, making them want to step up and fallow in his footsteps. One of the schools he most enjoyed was Jump Master. The reason for this is because before his men jumped out of the airplane he was the one who checked and rechecked their equipment and parachutes to make sure they was as safe as they could be.

SFC. Domij inspired his men in battle and in life. They way he came to work every day ready to make himself and his men better. People outside of his unit may have not been directly affected by the things he did or accomplished, but what he instilled in his men and family will have an everlasting effect on them. His men still to this day hold him in their highest regard. They still try and live up to his standard that he set for them. He may not have cured cancer or been a millionaire but he had something that meant way more to him the respect of his peers. The way he lead his men in battle and never shied away from danger left something in every man that he came accosts. This never showed more then on October 22nd, 2011. Him and his men had a found an important target they been tracking for months. They all geared and got a briefing that there could possibly be IED’s in the area, he took his men aside and told them to avoid cars and houses that look suspicious. This being his 14th deployment he knew that dangers better than anyone. When the helicopters took off he made one last check call to base to make sure his radio worked. The helicopters landed he did his last count of his men before setting off to their target. As they all approached they target compound he noticed a few cars parked in a suspicious way in the compound. He told his men to stay put and took a few men to check it out. As SFC. Domij approached the car he realized there had been wires coming out of both cars so he ordered the men to fall back. Before him and his men could get clear of the cars there was an explosion. He and 3 others had been killed. He saved many lives by telling his men to stay put while he checked those cars to see if was safe for his men to advance.

SFC. Domij may have not had a cape, or had superpowers like superman, but his leadership and selflessness shined well above that. His bravery showed his men how to live their lives by putting others first. He showed that he may not have super human, or super human speed, but he had more heart and gumption then and super hero, or sports star, or entertainer could ever have. His attitude towards danger showed his men not to fear the unknown but to embrace it.

2 thoughts on “Michael K

  1. Your essay was nicely done. Your first paragraph is very intriguing. However, you should include your two personality traits in your thesis statement because I wasn’t sure what they were right away. You should also reread this yourself because you have a few typo’s. Such as you should change “For a example” to “For an example”. There were quite a few throughout your essay such as maybe adding a few comma’s to just making sure your words are spelled right. I also think instead of saying 14th, you should write the number out. So make sure you catch them! I’m also a little bit confused, in your first paragraph you said your hero was Calvin Johnson but then you go on talking about Sergeant 1st Class Kristoffer B. Domeij. I personally don’t know much about football so I don’t know if these two people connect or maybe you changed your mind when writing but make sure you clarify who your essay is going to be about. Other than that, I really enjoyed learning about SFC Domeij.

    • Thank you for your reply all can think is I posted the wrong paper. I already revised my paper but I think I summited the wrong one. I have already fixed some of the things you had talked about but you helped me see some of my other mistakes. Thank you so much for pointing them out.

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