Sharnay D

Sharnay D

Hero: Michelle Obama


Hero Essay

Sharnay D.

Hero Essay Draft

     A person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. A person who is greatly admired. A person who shows great courage. All these great and powerful meanings describe a hero. Heroes are important because even with all the bad going on in the world, all the hate, all the wars, all the famine, all the destruction, all the greed; with everything bad being portrayed in media broadcasts a hero gives us something delightful to look forward to. A hero can set goals for society and have most if not all of society focusing on the good of trying to reach that goal vs. focusing on the underlying issues which the hero is trying to eliminate.

Michelle Levaughn Robinson Obama born January 17th, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois to her father Frashier Robinson III, mother Marian Shields Robinson, and older brother Craig Robinson. Raised on Chicago’s Southside Michelle attended Whitney Young Magnet High School, preceding her graduation from high school Michelle then went on to attend Princeton University where she graduated cum laude and received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Being the smart woman she is Michelle went back to school to obtain her Juris doctor degree from Harvard Law School. Upon her graduation from Harvard Law School Michelle had many career highlights such as Associate Attorney with Sidney & Austin, where she specialized in intellectual property rights and marketing; representing clients that included AT& T and Union Carbide. During this time of employment she was able to pay off her college and law school debt. After the death of her father Michelle went on to become the Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley where she was able to focus on her values serving as liaison between the city and fledging businesses, seeking to help Chicago’s economic development. October 3, 1992 the 28 year old Michelle married Barack Obama they went on to have two beautiful daughters Malia and Natasha better known as Sasha. January 20, 2009 marked a moment in history Michelle’s husband Barack Obama was sworn in as president of the United States of America, making Michelle First Lady of the United States of America or what I like to call her FLOTUS.

Michelle made history with her husband becoming the 44th first lady of the United States of America as well as the first African American First Lady of the United States of America. One of her most meaningful contributions is helping working mothers find balance between their families and careers. I believe the most prominent impact the FLOTUS has had on society is her “Let’s Move” program. The “Let’s Move” program is a campaign focused on a new approach to fighting childhood obesity. Within the Let’s Move program Michelle shows children and parents that it’s not as hard as it may seem to keep your children from becoming obese all you have to do is replace a few snacks and meals with healthy choices on more daily activity. Michelle demonstrates how easy it is to get up and get active with your children vs. letting them sit and watch TV or play video games all day. The program has even had such a great Impact that I have noticed on Nick Jr. which my daughter watches on a day to day basis cuts off at a certain time in the afternoon and says to get outside and play; how influential and powerful is that?. All information about the “Let’s Move” can be found at .

I believe that Michelle is a great role model for all young women around the world because, Michelle shows and proves that with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything. I admire her myself because, after she graduated she paid for her schooling from two very well-known and expensive private colleges with no help from government funding. That alone deserves standing ovation and admiration, but I also admire her hard work as a mother and a wife with such a time consuming and demanding full time job being the FLOTUS. While being a full-time mother, full-time wife, and full-time first lady she has managed to inspire many women and even children to stick to what you believe and get the job done. Especially with the two initiatives stated above the program to help women balance work and family and the “Let’s Move” program. With the “Let’s Move” program she gives hope to all of American people starting with young children helping them realize that you don’t have to become obese or remain obese just get up and be active and eat healthy and you can become a better you now and when you become an adult.

I would begin to describe Michelle’s personality as determined, not afraid of change, not afraid of adversity, strong, smart, and loving. I say all these things because, just her position as a mother and a wife to the president of the US she has and will come up against many difficulties, trying times for her family, times when she wants to give up, times where the outcome may not be a good outcome, even times she wish things weren’t what they are; but through all of that she has remained sane, she has remained a wife, she is a very good first lady, she is a great mother, and she hasn’t backed down on what she believes in or stands for.

“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. So when I hear about negative attacks, and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because I know who I am.” A very powerful quote from Michelle Obama which sums up her whole personality, what she stands for and how she accomplished everything she has today.  Michelle from the beginning of what I know and have researched about her has never let one transgression stand in the way of her success. She has always pushed pass the negativity and pressed her way into success. To me she is just an all-around great woman and this is why I believe she is a hero.
References  defifition of Hero michelle quote

2 thoughts on “Sharnay D

  1. In your essay, there were a lot of incomplete sentences and run on’s. Try to shorten some of them so you don’s have to use so many comma’s. However, use comma’s in areas where they are needed. Also make sure your thesis defines two characteristics linked to the most significant contribution. Your spelling and the content of your body paragraphs were great.

  2. Hello Sharney:

    Your introductory paragraph has the makings of a great essay! Good focus on heroes in general and getting the reader engaged! Oops. your thesis is missing. It must be the last sentence in the first paragraph based on the outline in class and our class discussions. Michelle’s name should appear in the last introductory sentence with her two most prominent personality traits and her most prominent societal contribution. Good work at the start of the second paragraph with her background, but you will need some attribution, like according to First (2014?)…. I see that you referenced which is perfectly acceptable, but you will want to reference it again for the definitions related to the personality traits you selected for her. I hope that helps. While there are other areas of improvement needed, you have a good third person voice! — Dr. Bean

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